36 mmbtu natural gas/tonne ammonia. PMM's Save on Bulk Urea For Sale Ex Lara - Can assist with freight if required - Avail from 6th August; Fertiliser, Urea; Elmore, Northern Country, VIC; $ 0.00 ($0.00 Inc GST) For Sale Listing No. DAP had an average price of $512 per ton, up $5/ton; MAP $535/ton, up $2/ton; potash $383/ton, up $4/ton; urea $409/ton, up $2/ton; 10-34-0 $467/ton, up $10/ton; anhydrous $584/ton, up $16/ton; UAN28 $270/ton, up $4/ton; and UAN32 $313/ton, up $10/ton. Only briefly, in late 2017, did prices fall to $400 per ton. The ICIS weekly Urea reports are covered in China, Europe and the US as well as globally in The Market report. The prices cover the most commonly used products: ammonium nitrate (UK produced and imported), liquid nitrogen (UAN), granular urea, potash and phosphates. So far, anhydrous ammonia prices are close to $80 per ton higher for 2019 production as compared to 2018 production. Urea Fertilizer 46% – Prill( urea fertilizer ) Urea fertilizer 46% in the forms of Prill and granule is one of our major activities. Tillage. The report is important to producers, distributors and dealers of urea who need to know and receive an in-depth analysis of trends in the fertilizer industry. Intratec provides Urea pricing data, covering 13 years of historical prices and forecasts. The increase from $400 per ton last fall to more than $500 per ton most recently is roughly a 25% increase ($100 increase on $400 per ton). Most recently, price have been closer to $400 per ton. Potash prices, for example, climbed from $300 per ton to nearly $400 per ton in 2019. January 10, 2018. Urea is not compatible with superphosphate, sulphur super 30, magnesium oxide, calcium ammonium nitrate, copper sulphate and cobalt sulphate. The price of urea in the US Cornbelt and the Middle East remained unchanged compared to a week ago at $220 per metric ton and $305 per short ton—or approximately $276 per metric ton. The $418 national price tag on urea is the highest it has been since 2015, when the price topped more than $400 per ton. November 2020 fertiliser review. Though anhydrous ammonia has always been an economical form of nitrogen (currently about 35 cents per unit of nitrogen), its use has become more limited by retail availability in some areas. Nitrogen prices fell 11 percent in the first quarter after large gains in the second half of 2018 .The decline reflected weak Chinese seasonal demand, below-average use in North America due to early snow, and lower input costs (natural gas and coal).These factors more than offset strong import demand elsewhere, notably Brazil. This is unsurprising given we are in a period of low usage. Like-minded farmers started Ravensdown in 1977 with a pioneering spirit and a belief that strength comes from pulling together. How to compute the cost per pound of nitrogen: Urea is 46% nitrogen and the price I was given this morning was $450 per ton. Ammonia prices, after declining by -24% Q/Q in 4Q2016 and -28% in 3Q2016 had the best rally ever with +68% Q/Q increase in 1Q2017; averaged USD 292/ton. In the past three weeks, NOLA granular urea prices have gained $48 per ton or 24%. The calculation is 0.46 X 2,000 = 920 pounds of nitrogen in a ton of urea). Gary Schnitkey • crop economics • August and September fertilizer prices confirm expectations of rising fertilizer costs for 2019. Because price fluctuations of $50 or even $100 per ton are common, you can realize substantial savings if ... “We’ve often knocked $50 or $60 a ton off the price--sometimes because of the ... Matt Imholte “A couple years ago, urea went to $800, and we had $300 urea in our shed. Compared to prices last spring -the average of prices reported in April and May- anhydrous ammonia prices are down 22% and DAP 17% lower. Year-over-year price changes have anhydrous ammonia (82-0-0) up 18 percent per ton, urea (44/46-0-0) up 10 percent, and urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN, 28/32-0-0) up 23 percent. Ammonia (NH 3) 82% N. 0.58 ammonia per tonne urea. The GB fertiliser price series aims to increase transparency in the market and help levy payers understand price trends for a key input. 59335 The share of planted crop acreage receiving fertilizer, and fertilizer applications per receiving acre (by nutrient), are presented for the major producing States for corn, cotton, soybeans, and wheat (data on nutrient consumption by crop start in 1964). Despite prices of … Latest market update. Get latest urea prices, offer prices, market trends in India and company price lists. A close look at product prices starting with fertilizers suggest, average urea prices (middle east) improved this quarter with an increase of +23% in 1Q2017 versus +11% in 4Q2016. The US weekly urea report covers the spot price of urea in the US Gulf (USG). This is large price swing. Compared to last year, Gulf urea prices are currently $63 per ton or 34% higher. More recently, prices are again around $500 per ton. In the week ending September 22, Gulf urea prices continued to move higher. Ammonium sulfate is 21% nitrogen and its price as of this morning was $380 per ton. Source: Blue Johnson & Associates. Flexi-N (magnesium coated urea) can be used as a substitute when mixing with super-based products. In 2024, the demand for urea fertilizers is expected to reach 183 million metric tons. Fertiliser prices have remained steady since January, when AgriLand last did a round-up of prices. Urea 46% Quantity: Min- 8,000 MT - Max 50,000 MT x 12 Month Origin: Iran, Ref, PCC Manufacture with BL switch Packing Bulk Price US$252 Per ton Delivery Location CIF, Mersin-Turkey Payment Terms L/C AT SIGT (SELLER ISSUES 2% PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE BOND) Inspection SGS or to be mutually agreed For Fertilizer farm prices and indices of wholesale fertilizer prices are also available. Our Current Price Lists. 2000 lb x .46 = 920 lb of nitrogen per ton. DAP prices are close to $70 per ton higher and potash prices are near $35 per ton higher. Subscribers to our Commodity Price Database have access to Urea and as many as 217 other commodities prices across several countries from main world regions. Ammonium nitrate (34-0-0), in comparison, at $525 per ton ÷ 680 pounds actual nitrogen per ton costs 77 cents per pound actual nitrogen. Urea Prices. 4%. See a … Potash prices reached lows of $300 per ton in 2016.