I've still not got round to checking yet. Begin with the vehicle on level ground, in park with the engine "OFF". I've replaced the bulbs and the new bulbs had the same result. SOURCE: all brake lights suddenly stopped working changed bulbs park light fuse and cant find any blown fuses what else can it be brake switch on the pedal bad.bad relay. They all talk about fuses starting at number 1. Just letting you all know the parking lights do pull out from the back they are very tight and not much room I used a flat head screwdriver to GENTLY pry them out about 2-3mm by putting the screwdriver just under the lip at the back of the plug and twisting the screw driver gently at bottom then at the top then you can used your fingers the pull them out If the ignition switch is on this feature won't work, the car has to be off. Dan Ferrell (author) on February 26, 2020: Something is grounding the turn signal circuit. Someone told my wife yesterday that her parking lights/tail lights weren't working in her 2004 Prius. All the passenger side lights work fine. Share: Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Email Link. Discussion in 'Gen 2 Prius Care, Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by mikemcmo, Nov 28, 2012. mikemcmo Junior Member. do you have a second fuse box if so check it. A multi-meter shows that no current is being delivered to the passenger-side bulb, while the driver's side get 14 V. The turn signal bulb is used as the daylight running light. Post Oct 02, 2015 #1 2015-10-02T19:26. Both front and rear parking lights on drivers side are not working. 26,454 satisfied customers. For some reason the lights of the left side of the car aren't working, Left side: parking lights, DRL, & tail light. all the side lights and the instrument cluster illumination are supplied by fuse 2.24 20 amp in the central fuse box (in passenger side). SPONSORED LINKS. The brightness of the dash lights can be adjusted by turning the rheostat near the headlight switch, if this adjustment is turned "OFF" the dash lights will not work. Side and tail light problem - bertj : It might be tied up with the use of parking lights on VW's. the connections get tarnished if thats the word, needs to be cleaned My left rear blinker won’t light up all the others do and my left indicator light is not working either please help. works like a charm now. You should also have a warning noise with the door open. All other lights are working fine. Left side works fine but right doesn't light up. Try swapping a bulb from one side to the other first - if the fault moves side then you've found your problem. changed bulbs and swapped fuses with no results , wondered if there is a common problem , IE ground , control module , etc . The parking lights operated by the indicator stalk illuminate both 'normal' rear 5W bulbs on the relevant side, just as switching the lights on does. Parking lights NOT working, all other lights working. Easy step by step guide on how to repair an automotive turn signal system that is not working, this information is presented in the order of probability and pertains to most vehicles. I see that there's only one fuse control for both lights. Perhaps a bulb has burned out, or a relay has malfunctioned. The solution could be as simple as replacing a fuse. The brake lights are not working correctly in combination with the other lights (turn signals|headlights) ... On my 08 Dodge Avenger, I have one parking light working out of 4. 21,725 Posts #3 • Apr 24, 2015. Can anyone suggest anything else I can check. The signals work only when signaling left, but other than that they don't. Check there is a 12 volt supply at this fuse, if this is OK then check for 12 volts at pin 11 of the headlight switch (orange/yellow). How do I use my parking lights? Here's how: With the parking lights on. As this problem is probably electrical in nature, I would recommend having a professional technician look over the vehicle in order to Turn signals and brake lights work. Headlight bulbs have a limited lifespan — 450 to 1,000 hours — so they’ll eventually burn out. My 2003 Mercedes parking light on the drivers side is not working. I am not an electrician so don't know if they use a relay for each side, wouldn't have thought so on a low power circuit but you never know. Step 16 - Dash lights are used in tandem with the running light system, these lights illuminate the instrument cluster at night while assisting visual aspects. If the small side maker bulb goes out, I know it will also make the rear parking light not work. 32 3. So ive had a search through topics but cant find much to shed light on this, pun intended! When sidelights are turned on; two rear tail lights, the number plate lights and those at the front of your car must all be illuminated. No power to 3 of the parking lights … read more. The dual filament bulbs will light up when the break is pressed, but the other filament will not light up when just the head lights are on. SOURCE: all brake lights suddenly stopped working changed bulbs park light fuse and cant find any blown fuses what else can it be brake switch on the pedal bad.bad relay. Parking at night (248 to 251) 248 You MUST NOT park on a road at night facing against the direction of the traffic flow unless in a recognised parking space. Help! On the bad ground side the power comes in through the tail light filament, illuminates it and the current passes through the "floating" ground and exits reverse through the brake light filament and hot wire for the brake lights seeking a ground. Checked all the fuses & under the dash, do you think it's a relay or something else? Check the sockets using a test light. Can you tell me how to fix this. Laws CUR reg 101 & RVLR reg 24 249 All vehicles MUST display parking lights when parked on a road or a lay-by on a road with a speed limit greater than 30 mph (48 km/h). Don't panic! You might apply 12V power directly to it to ensure the bulb isn't out. Often, this is due to corrosion in one or more sockets. Plus the inner (side, not the parking) bulb is on a slight angle to what you expect, turned slightly towards the centre of the engine bay rather than "fore and aft". High School or GED. robali123. If you look at the schematic for the parking light wiring you will see that the power to the rear parking light is supplied through the side maker light. While you might need to work under the hood of your truck to resolve this common problem, you can rest assured that you won't be stuck attempting to carry out advanced repair work that requires specialized skills or tools. Your help is really appreciated. For a short while the drivers headlight was out as well but it is working again on its own. You're lucky that you have one side working - instant test bed. 32 3. robali123. Even tried switching bulbs to use the one that I knew was working on driver's side, but still wouldn't work on passenger side. I recently bought the van and the tail lights were in a bad state, someone had wired in different lights and messed with the original wiring. I've got a Focus Titanium 2.0 2010 model, and my side lights on one side are not working. Do these modules just pull out does anyone know or more work required? In the grounding, both tail lights can still work with one tail light housing not grounded. Reply to One side parking lights not working in the Auto Electrician Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net. Is … But the passenger side brake light still doesn't work. Since it's just the left side we can at least be pretty confident that the issue is on the trailer side (and not on the tow vehicle). Indicate a right or left turn with the ignition switched off. Either the left or right front/back parking light should come on. Passengers side are fine. Tail Lights not working. Not a bulb issue. This official sponsor may provide discounts for members. This I am getting from memory. sprinkles08. On my Astra (Not a Renault I know :d ) the DRL's double as the sidelights. Hope this helps. I can not see any breaks in the wiring. Law RVLR reg 24 250 Inspect the tail light assembly itself to make sure it's still in working condition. Thread starter Similar threads Forum Replies Date; E: Load on non RCD side, causes RCD trip : Electrical Forum: 4: May 2, 2020: D: E39 530i touring - Nav … There are no separate bulbs for parking, not on an E36 3 series anyway. Only one side parking lights 04-02-2012 11:56 AM #1 I am only getting parking lamps on my passenger side . I had the same problem, one of my front parking lights would work then not, after buying new bulbs I figured it was the connection to the bulb, took the light assembly out and tested it getting voltage, but not making the connection, got 3200 grit sand paper and gave the connection a once over. Some models allow you to display parking lights on just one side of the vehicle, which should be the side that's exposed to road traffic. The fuse box on the passenger side starts at fuse 100. You've tried running your parking lights, but they still won't work properly. I've looked for a manual with the use diagram but cannot find the right one on the internet. Update : The reason I asked in the first place was because I had a mot booked for 8.30 am and told them I was waiting for it ie no courtesy car needed, at 9.20 one guy came told me no one on front desk had told him he had a waiting one so mine hadn't gone in yet but it would deffo be next, I said ok. Also, a shorted turn signal switch can cause this problem. So if you inadvertantly had it in one of these two positions you might think one side of the car has the marker lights out. Difficulty Level - 4. It’s crucial you know how to check your lights and bulbs in case one stops working. If the lights on the left side of your car are not working, then there may be one of several electrical problems. I also went through the fuse box and checked everything related to the lights.